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Исполнитель: Fluency MC

Название: Africa Geography Rap Song

Продолжительность трека: 04:26

Добавлен: 2015-10-06

Скачали: 1033


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Текст песни:

We begin our journey on the coast of North Africa.
Rabat, Morocco and Algiers, Algeria.
Due east to Tunis, Tunisia...
then south down the coast to Tripoli, Libya.
Continuing along the Mediterranean...to
Cairo, Egypt near the Red Sea then
down the Nile...we travel for awhile to
Khartoum, Sudan and Juba, South Sudan
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Mogadishu, Somalia.
Djibouti, Djibouti. Now all of you
up north to Asmara, Eritrea.
Listen and read to build SPARK! I'll guarantee you
that by having fun, by the time that we're done,
you'll know the African countries and capitals, every one.

Now to West Africa...I'll explain to you
Nouakchott is the capital city of Mauritania.
Bamako, Mali. Ouagadougou, Burkina.
Niamey, Niger is northeast now we've seen a
bit of the West, so let's move further in.
Many miles we add to N'djamena, Chad.
Let's go south to Bangui, Central African Republic.
Braaville, Congo, cross the river to Kinshasa,
Democratic Republic of Congo.
Now back west you and me and this song go.

Tell me how many countries do you think are in Africa?
And how many cultures spread across the Diaspora?
To learn about African populations
we first have to build our knowledge foundations.

Twelve more countries in the West before we've seen them all.
Praia, Cape Verde...Dakar, Senegal.
Banjul, Gambia. Bissau, Guinea Bissau.
Conakry, Guinea and now, in the same coastal
one...Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Monrovia, Liberia. Now east brings us near to
Yamoussoukro, C'ote D'Ivoire and Accra in Ghana.
Then we're going to want to go...to
Lome in Togo...and Porto Novo, Benin.
Abuja, Nigeria. That means we've seen...
all the Northwest, the Northeast, and West
but only some of Central Africa; let's visit the rest...

And head to Yaounde, Camaroon then soon
we're in Malabo...Equatorial Guinea and in the
Gulf of Guinea, Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe.
Libreville, Gabon. Please stay on on our trip to the
countries in the South and East. You know, when SPARK!
is increased, your energy is released.

There are forty-eight countries on the African continent
and six island nations that Africa represents.

Our trip continues on...as we go to
Southern Africa, starting in Luanda, Angola.
Windhoek, Namibia and east to Gaborone,
Botswana...and Pretoria, South Africa.
Maseru, Lesotho. Mbabane in Swailand.
Maputo, Moambique is then close at hand.
Antananarivo out on Madagascar; then
Port Louis, Mauritius isn't far.
In the South, we're going to end our stay
back on the mainland...in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Finally, let's visit Central East Africa.
After we've been to Lusaka, Zambia
we go to Lilongwe, Malawi...and
out to Monroni, Comoros and now we head a
bit further out to sea. Victoria, Seychelles
and back in to Dodoma, Tanania.
Northwest to Bujumbura, Burundi and up to
Kigali, Rwanda and Kampala, Uganda.
Our journey ends in Nairobi, Kenya.
Grab yourself a map and listen again
you'll build SPARK!...to shoot light through the dark,
get your brain out of park. Get on your mark!

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