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Исполнитель: Gotthard

Название: Letter To A Friend

Продолжительность трека: 03:54

Добавлен: 2015-04-13

Скачали: 550


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Текст песни:

Hello, my friend, how's your life today?
You don't wanna talk but there's so much to say
I won't trust your eyes again 'cause I know they tell me lies
Hello, my friend, how's your life today.

Hello, my friend, it's not time to pray
Don't close your eyes - there's a life to live your way
I know how hard it is, but don't you loose your faith
Come on, my friend, don't throw your life away!

I know you're waiting
For an answer now

Hope you won't give up too soon, there's so much left to say
And still it's not too late to change your mind
Take a look into the mirror, you'd better open up your eyes
And I hope this letter helps you find your way.
Find your way

Hello, my friend,
How were you today?
I'm reading all your stories
They're written on your face
You forgot your heart
And what it's got to say?
Hello, my friend,
How are you today.

Here's my letter now
With a message from the heart.
That's all, my friend,
That's all I have to say
All I have to say...

Hello, my friend, how's your life today...

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