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Исполнитель: SHINee

Название: Lucifer (English version)

Продолжительность трека: 03:57

Добавлен: 2016-08-31

Скачали: 1042


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Текст песни:

Even if I try to keep my distance, You find me in an instant
In a prison of your lovin, and I can't deny it (now)
If you really love me why can't I see you above me,
but I can hear your voice below me
Her whisper is the Lucifer

You can try and hold me down
But I can tell Love is Dead
You can tell Love is Dead
Prisoner in my head
Listen up girl we can start over again
I can be your everything, yes Ill be your everything

Girl you take control of me just like a spell Lucifer
Girl you take control of me and I can tell Lucifer
Come a little closer so that I can see your pretty face
I can't be the one for you
Let me go Let me go

remember when we met, baby girl you knocked me off my feet
like a frieght train coarsing through my every vein and my heart it skipped a beat, never letting go
I don't even care if you take A A A A A all of my heart
Burning liike a flame I can tell your nothing like Ive seen before

Lovaholic, robotronic, lovaholic, robotronic

All of the love stories that I shared with you
Cause you know my heart and everything I do
And when I look into the sky I know the stars are all alligned
Only stare at me, I know you want me e e e e e e
I can see that way you look at me,
I can get get get get get get away now
Ever since I met you I could tell that you were lying to me, Leading me on
The girl that I once knew
Is destroying everything that I love
And I just don't know what to do

Got me feeling like a circus that im trapped inside of just me and you .
Baby Dancin dancin but your playing me just like a fool
Look me in the eye girl, I know you're my girl
Like I fell in a trance
I think I love you but I know that I cant take the chance.

Loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic

No I never knew this, I can't make it through this
Girl Your fire stare it burns right through my soul
I'm not going anywhere
I like the way that it feels and no I don't care

With the look in your eyes, now you got me
Got to wonder if I could get free
Tie me up with your chain of love
Why do you cut me down, I think my heart stopped beating
Now Im about to close my eyes forever say goodbye
I see an angel above me
But I know its just a dream
And you're the devil pulling me into the sea.

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